BA diploma exam
Profile: Management
University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw


The set of questions for the BA diploma exam

Profile: Management
  1. Describe basic functions of management.
  2. Structure and characteristics of managerial competences.
  3. The usage of IT systems in management.
  4. Change management and its influence on the development of the organization.
  5. Characteristics and usage of quality and quantity marketing research.
  6. The process of marketing research.
  7. Factors influencing customers’ behavior.
  8. Objectives of the SWOT analysis application.
  9. The concept of the marketing-mix.
  10. Product life cycle – characteristics of each phase.
  11. The tools of promotion and their application.
  12. The goals of public relations.
  13. Optimization of production and its basic techniques.
  14. The balance of resources in project management.
  15. Quality management –methods, models and tools.
  16. The significance of advertising for enterprises, customers and national economy.
  17. E-commerce as a form of business activity – advantages for buyers and sellers.
  18. Models in HR management.
  19. Types and tools in recruitment and selection of candidates.
  20. Basic theories and tools of motivation of employees.
  21. Classical and modern organization structures.
  22. The main management styles.
  23. The significance of logistics processes in a company.
  24. The importance of project management in contemporary organizations.
  25. The vision, mission and strategy of the organization.
  26. Price strategies and their determinants.
  27. Innovations and their significance for a company.
  28. Classification of costs in accounting.
  29. Factors determining effective team work.
  30. Basic measures in statistics: their characteristics and application.