BSBMGT517 – Manage operational plan

Task 1: Consultation plan

The consultation plan for XYZ requires involving the following department heads as a TPM (Transition project manager) in Management committee.  Consultation involves kickoff communication, departmental communication, project communication [2week,1week, Dday (go live) of transition].

Production head – Mr Alex Fergusson for the call centre operations . The production process will be partly transitioned, plan of action for functions identified for migration, processes readiness level.

HR head – Ms Carly Fraser, HR head for staffing solutions HR. The involvement is to ascertain competency profiling of candidates, skill identification and training for multitasking.

Finance head – Mr Tom Alter, Finance head. The existing production costing, transitioning costing, buffer amount needs to be taken care of.

Quality head – Mr Andy Watkins, Process Excellence Head who needs to be appraised call centre quality thresholds, transition quality, training and testing,

Administration facilities head – Ms Lucy Walflower. Need to understand equipment status, expenditures required, and support at hardware and software level.

Five questions which is important for all of them to answer –

Q 1). If each department of XYZ is has conducted a departmental level readiness test before transitioning? □ Technical readiness □ Simple/complex process □ Decisions □ Knowledge

Q 2.) All the departments head have conducted initial risk assessments? □ performance risk □ loss of control □ mission critical processes □ reputational risk

Q 3.) Design the transition of seats as a project management infrastructure? □ TPM □ team leads, □ sub team leads

Q 4.)  Governance mechanism for all stakeholders to report to the steering committee in charge ? □ Assurance seeking responses, □ SDC (service delivery committee) , Steering committee (SC)

Q5.) Tollgates of each project transition phases shared, agreed by each stakeholders? □ Success criteria of transition □ KPIs

Task 2: Report in BSBMGT517 – Manage operational plan

  1. a) Computers with minimum Pentium i3, 4GB RAM, keyboard, mouse, 500GB HDD, LED screen, headphones with mic. Table and chair for accommodating the employee and computer creating desk height and eye coordination elements. Lastly the human resources with entry level skills, medium to advanced level skills.
  2. b) Proposal:

Please provide quotation for the following supplies to the xyz company in Tasmania or urgent basis. The details are furnished below.

Items to be procured Why Where it be procured Cost Date
Tables and chairs for the new centre For the new centre where 15 employees are shifted Tasmania Table with wheels chairs with wheels (15 Nos) Aus$1078X15=16170 31 March 2019
Rent a office in Tasmania (>2000sq metres) To accommodate new agents Tasmania Pay a deposit and a monthly rental

Aus$478 per sq

01 April 2019
Employee training in new equipment (from IT equipment hardware and software firms) To adapt to new IT systems Tasmania 5 days (product, process, IT) training costing is Aus$10,000 26March-1 April
Linking of utility functions Use of electricity, internet (VoIP Voice over internet protocol) Tasmania Aus$129 month for internet, Aus electricity kWh Aus$$20.88 26March-1 April


  1. c) KPIs (key performance indicators)

The first step is to create the vision and strategy for the transitioning of the seats to Tasmania for XYZ company.  The second step is to label the current state – ‘as is’ state, and then design the future state ‘to be state’. The KPIs to be decided on the TPM directives which form a distinct shape after an operating model is decided. The KPIs are the VOT (voice of transition) that has all the stakeholders, that states clearly the engagement stage, design stage, build stage, learning stage and executing stage. Over here the KPIs differ, as tollgate 1 is about engage and design where each stakeholder responds with (Go or No Go decision).  The next tollgate 2 is in learning phase when transition at physical level has happened and, project of new call centre operations in XYZ is going live. The last KPI 3, is final review of the transition project to stabilise the operations indicators, as per success criteria agreed in design phase.

KPI First : Pre tollgate training, infrastructure readiness, utility and supplies ready, company registration

KPI Second:  Onsite infrastructure readiness, product-process-IT training, go-live and meeting quality metrics.

  1. d) Monitoring progress for KPIs

The monitoring activity involves the set goals and the identification of the CSF (critical success factors) and the KPIs are dependent on the CSF. The team leads need to identify the quantity to achieve in production of task, collect the measures, calculate the metrics to be used from the measures. The link of SLA (service level agreement) and KPI is needed to established as monitoring is directed to eliminate the risk factors. KPIs help to monitor progress of KPIs.

  1. e) System of security and confidentiality of performance records:

The use of ERP software ensures the data capture, processing and illustration is limited to those who roles are defined in the process. There should be security for all internal functions, access controls, stakeholders passwords with system time-stamps to create documentation for actions taken.

Task 3: Risk Analysis in BSBMGT517 – Manage operational plan

Description of Risk

(including any identified ‘triggers’)

Impact on Project

(Identify consequences [1])

Grade  (combined Likelihood and Seriousness)


Change Date of Review Mitigation Actions

(Preventative or Contingency)

Responsibility for mitigation action(s) Cost Timeline for mitigation action(s)
Risk of missing out equipment, infrastructure installation in new call centre <High> A <Nil> <Nil> <Specific planned mitigation strategies:

·   Project based approach)

·   Contingency TPM to initiate strategies).>


<Facility head, TPM manager, Production head, Quality head. $250,000 <2months-4 months >
Key manpower with skillsets unavailability

Identified as triggers:

·   Lack of availability;

·   Members not trained

<Medium>Lack of availability will stall progress (as skills needed help to drive production process) A Nil Nil Preventative:

·   Highlight strategic connection – link Project Objective to relevant to operations

·   SLA to meet the KPIs of each project phase

TPM NA Daily and weekly
Inadequate estimates and Costs increase <Medium>Budget blow is a serious issue to call centre transitioning plan B No change Nil Contingency:

Re-scope project, focusing on time and resourcing

Staff don’t participate in training new roles);

Or to work in New procedures

<High>Additional time and behavioural training resources is required A NEW Possibility Nil    




The grade of the combined effect of likelihood of occurrence of the risk

Grade: Combined effect of Likelihood/Seriousness
Likelihood   low medium high EXTREME
low N D C A
medium D C B A
high C B A A


Contingency Plan:

First risk – The project management approach to align the infrastructure, facility, utilities connectivity (electricity and internet) needs to be worked out in the new proposed call centre in Tasmania. The contingency plan is to create alternate arrangements and quotation for each of these in case any one of them falters.

Second Risk – The contingency plan for key skill sets unavailability for XYZ at new location requires training and building capabilities. The backup plan is to hire on urgent basis domain specific call centre skills to compensate the gap.

Third Risk – cost estimates increasing stresses the financial budget for XYZ transitioning plans. This is likely to affect the deadlines and can stall the whole process. Contingency fund to be created to overcome the expenses for short and medium term for XYZ company.

Fourth risk – The fourth risk is about employees not willing to adapt and learn new processes in call centre that impacts the ‘go live’ production dates. The contingency plan is to have behavioural training interventions ready to change their attitude toward accepting new tasks and challenges at work.



Task 4: Operational plan for new call centre BSBMGT517 – Manage operational plan

XYZ company mission – To set up call centre in Tasmania that is versatile aiding wide range of industry needs with exemplary service.

XYZ company objectives – To meet the infrastructural and procedural standards to make call centre operational.

XYZ company strategy – The corporate strategy to be quality centric meeting customer SLA (service level agreement) in every transaction consistently.

Action plan for key deliverables

The call centre needs to set SLA in accordance to the business deals (B2B Business to business) level.

The preparation of training (product, process) of the employees about the call centre process (voice, blended – part voice, part documentation) work assessments.

The selection of the infrastructure (building), chairs and table in place, electricity, internet, water supply needs to be confirmed for the rented office space and payments done before the training starts.

The ‘go live’ day 1April requires trainers, quality managers, employees to start taking calls as per set scripts and process each one of them with 99.99% accuracy.

Key Performance indicators

KPI 1: training module and SLA requirements to form knowledge transfer of aggregate task tobe processed in call centre

KPI2: Setting up of infrastructure by last week of March in ready state.

KPI3: Mock tests of tasks and functions to be verified by tests on all employees in the new call centre setup to check readiness to serve clients.


  1. i) Infrastructure: Rent for first three months and advance deposit $250,000

ii)Utilities:Pay for water supply, electricity, internet, food services. $[500]

iii) Office furniture: The PC desktop architecture as per modules. [$10000]

  1. iv) Training fees: $2000 is the training fees

Total budget is $262500.0

Risk Management:-

Risk of missing out equipment,                    – Risk Category A

infrastructure installation in new call centre ,- Risk Category A

Inadequate estimates and Costs increase ,     – Risk Category B

Staff don’t participate in training new roles) or to work in New procedures- Risk Category A


The Transition project manager (TPM) for the new call centre with all the other department heads have set three scenarios of the transition of call centre seats in the new facility. The first scenario is optimistic with achievement of all KPIs in project toll gates meeting the requirements, the second is partial fulfilment of the KPIs which delays the project transition toll gates and thirdly the failure of non transition at all levels (highly unlikely).


The project of transitioning few call centre employees trained to be a part of a new office in a different location in XYZ Company requires the following approvals.

CEO – Mr Brian McCallister, XYZ Company [Transition project flag bearer]

Finance head- for obtaining financing approvals, expenditure, release of funds and decision viability

Production head- for feasibility of operations strategy,

HR Head – feasibility of employees selected to reflect the competencies in order to perform.

Quality head-   to oversee the change and transition phases, guaranteeing no production loss


Task 5: Observation checklist BSBMGT517 – Manage operational plan

The legislative and regulatory context of XYZ Company transitioning plan analysis:

The xyz company is a limited liability company which has a formal legal entity but the shareholders of the company have limited liability for the losses. The regulatory perspective of the xyz company existence at one location and setting up a branch office in Tasmania meets the register of company guidelines. The xyz company has already registered the office of the rented place notified to the Companies Office Australia through online application by paying a fee of Aus$150. It can also find rules in the and

Local authority rules of Tasmania regarding office premises are obtained from the Tasmania local council, as they have their own rules and regulations as per authority.  The XYZ company management has to pay corporate tax for all the production done, revenues incurred for Tasmania (Inland Revenue). They also have to appoint a company lawyer, accountant and a bank (identify the same bank they use currently). The management can use the Australian Law society website to narrow down choices, while they can also use Australian Institute of chartered Accountants. However end of the financial year, the XYZ operations need to be compliant, is where the guidelines are given to achieve compliance.



Task 6: Recruitment and Development strategy BSBMGT517 – Manage operational plan

Number of staff to be recruited  full time call centre employees transferred to new setup (50 employees), 10 people in administration, operations
Full time or part time, shift work 50 full time, (part time 9) , shift work (28hoursX3 shifts = 24 hours)X7 days
Start date 1april 2019
Skills required Clear voice, neutral accent, PC knowledge, training on product and IT systems to take calls of a business process
How will you source candidates Local job portals, newspaper advertisements for walk-in, university job dashboard
Protect xyz intellectual property IT software and processing of operations, customer data, transactions done over voice
Initial training Training in voice, IT systems, customer service skills
Ongoing coaching and mentoring plan Nesting period starts with 1April till the quality threshold is released.
Risk management and contingency plan Risks identified and each departmental head is responsible to eliminate them (partly or fully).
Outline legislation and regulatory Register the company, with local approvals. Meet the fire safety approvals before operations.
Legal responsibilities Add a part time freelancer in legal side.

Task 7: Strategy for resource acquisition

Procurement strategy:

The cost effective approach to procure the company supplies are:

1St phase- [March 23-31st ] the infrastructure selection, through Australia based real estate websites (CBRE ltd), procuring office furniture and chairs, procuring services (utility services),

2nd Phase[April 1st -5th ] the food and beverage supplies for the call centre canteen with scaling up of option (up to 50 people) round the clock (breakfast, lunch, evening supper, dinner), tea/coffee vending machine, juice machines.

Involving web based local vendors is chosen for XYZ Company.

Task 8: Monitoring process BSBMGT517 – Manage operational plan

KPI First: Monitoring

Tasks Metrics WBS Budget
Pre tollgate training

(May 1-7th)

Training test >95% pass Voice test, IT system, Product training 10000 Aus$
infrastructure readiness

April (10th – 23April)

Site readiness at >99% Rented office inspection, office furniture in place 250,000 Aus$
utility and supplies ready (24 April to 30April) Office operations ready 95% Operations readiness testing 2000 Aus$
company registration

(May 1st -3rd May)

Compliance readiness =100% before 1April 2019 Legally operational 1000 Aus$


KPI Second:  Monitoring

Tasks Metrics WBS Budget
Onsite infrastructure readiness Checklist to go green’ live, audits Site Structural readiness, against fire risks 1000 Aus$
product-process-IT training Nesting phase quality, retraining,  >90-95% To comply as per previously set KPI 1000 Aus$
employee recruitment Part time employees apart from 50 employees to support Pay as you go, to counter call flow increase 5000 Aus$
go-live and meeting quality metrics Final new site readiness by all department heads CEO signs off project Nil


Task 9: Review of operations plan BSBMGT517 – Manage operational plan

Situation- The 17 new staff in the new centre is a poor response that requires HR strategy to fill up seats. The staffing strategy hence will have to resort to ‘reference based’ within known social circles to cut the salary budget (estimated).

The operations issue of call centre voice operations affected by headphones not up to the mark, needs compliant letter to seller and manufacturer from procurement department of XYZ company. Alternate brand which is 35% expensive (Plantronics, Sennheisser) has to be procured (with guarantee period checked) on urgency basis with (+5) buffer.

Analysis and interpretation:

  • Analysis and interpretation of budgeted and actual – The emphasis is on training of existing employees, new employees at the ‘go live’ phase which requires quality metrics to be met in each call as it is linked to SLA and revenue model. The budgeted and actual needs to contain the service offered on single call resolution to contain the costs.
  • Areas of under performance – The financial overestimation in sourcing candidates, headsets needs additional push of funds. Solutions include knowledge transfer of best performing employees on the floor to support the laggards/new employees (full time/part time). Roistering and shift timings to be adhered with provisions of food at call centre premises is critical for 24X7X365 operations.
  • Solutions and actions – The critical success of the service delivery of the new call centre of xyz company requires efforts of HR dept, quality head and operations head, who manages the department specific indicators of call flow volume (calls in, calls dropped, calls in queue, calls abandonment, calls put on hold, calls marked dissatisfied) to be maintained on priority visible to everyone on the floor. This is important part of quality management to make operations process to commit to the client requirements (SLA) to honour the deal.


  1. Training and retraining on product, process, IT systems to aid operational readiness for both full time, part time employees (to adjust to high call volumes- peak hours).
  2. Operations up time (software and hardware issues) to be resolved, with PC, keyboards, mouse, headsets spares in stock.

Procedure for approvals:

ERP based approvals using internal communication is automated in the entire company enabling faster processing amidst variations or changes in indicators.

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