Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods

Executive Summary

Dalton Fast Food is one of the most influential and upcoming starts ups that are the foundation and future of Docklands’ business establishment. It is located in the canary Wharf area of the Docklands. This is an important strategic location that is important in providing market and customer stratification. The company is comprised of various stakeholders in the entrepreneurial industry and financial community. It is made up of 6 partnerships that offer support from management, operations, planning, and marketing and human resource management. Through its modern edge cutting technology, the franchise will offer a reasonable and efficient services and products that will meet all the requirements and needs of their consumers. More importantly, the strategic location is important and essential in developing the foundation of implementing future business expansion needs “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

Therefore, the investment and franchise plans to utilize of over £200,000 for the investment and opening of the franchise. As a result, the focus of this franchise and business will target the market of all the employed and unemployed in the community of Docklands and its surroundings. Furthermore, all the registrations and conditions will be followed and complied by the franchise’s management and personnel.

1. Statement of Purpose

Dalton Fast Foods aims to offer a variety of delicious foods and services to its large platform of customers. More importantly, it has qualified personnel who offer classic services with timely management and organisation.

The thrust of the Dalton Fast Foods is develop and establish itself as one of the best fast foods outlets in the Docklands region and its surroundings. Thus, this can be only achieved if the franchise can develop and implement new methods of serving and product development. As a result, this will raise the foundation and increase customer satisfaction in the region. Hence, customer satisfaction will and can be achieved through proper pricing strategies that are feasible for profitability and customer satisfaction. “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

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The main purpose of this plan is to raise funds for starting-up the company. The amount required for the start-up of the company is £173,875. The major part of start-up cost will be consumed in franchise cost, amounting £150,000. These funds will be repaid from the future earnings of the venture. Following is the summary of start-up cost required:

2. Company Background

Mission Statement

Dalton Fast Foods is defined through its essence to achieve, create and establish the taste of sharing the local variety into the more multicultural varieties. This is important and essential through the baseless foundation of diversity, integrity and application of technology into culture and nature.

Names of Owners/Principals

Dalton Fast Foods is comprised of three owners and founders, who have diversified its foundation and business curvature. The founders were all part of fraternity and educational foundation in the Asian community.

a) Ms. Daisy Regala, possess a masters’ degree in economics (Human development and cooperation); hence she has sufficient planning and managing skills.
b) Mr. Patrick Anjum, possess a degree in business administration and project management. Hence he is the central in command in planning for the business’s future expansion and leadership.
c) Mr. Karim Kavuko has a master’s degree in the marketing and information technology. This broad range of skills overs him an edge in the United Kingdom’s marketing and dynamic transitions.

Company Location

The location of the company will be in the Docklands region.

3. Business Description

Dalton Fast Foods is a fast food outlet and company that seeks a partnership with one of the most established companies in the Docklands region, Eastern Foods. The partnership can be used as a way of investing and developing the foundation for future expansion between the two companies in outsourcing services and products. Furthermore, there is an added advantage that can be used as a stepping stone in developing and creating the foundation for proper planning, effective management and allocation of resources. Thus, the business will target a variety of customers in the Dockland region and surroundings. “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”. 

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4. Products and Services

a) Products

Eastern Fast Foods offers service of breakfast, lunch and dinner to a number of customers from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, there is brunch and dinner.

b) Services

Services offered currently are many and essential for the comfort of our customers and their needs. There are clean and well-kept washrooms that are essential in developing the foundation for hygiene and health eating surroundings. There is Wi-Fi and Television Gadgets that offer stable entertain around the clock, with comfortable eating areas. Thus, the services are simple and cheap, but of a high quality.

5. Market Analysis

The approaches of the marketing strategy that will be employed are necessary in planning and ensuring the success of the venture. In order to accomplish a milestone from this approach, there is need and evaluation needed in developing and supporting the industry and sector in general. Therefore, market analysis will focus on different associations and means of creating feasible investment as a partnership.

Industrial analysis

The food and beverage industry is amongst the biggest employers in the United Kingdom. This statistic is therefore important and essential and necessary when venturing into this sector. Over 15% of the UK civil servants are often employed by this sector in the community. More importantly, due to the emergence of fast foods, many employees and employers often have options for lunch breaks and breakfast during rush hours. More importantly, many companies such as MacDonald’s and KFCs have all entered into this competitive sector in providing essential products and services to the community. Therefore, the local community of Docklands as a strategic location that can be used in cementing the foundation of the business and future expansion plans. The community is composed of students, youth, and low, middle and high class earners. Hence, it has resulted into the development of essential services and opportunities for many people in the community to gain and develop entrepreneurially. “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

Target Market

As pointed from the industrial analysis above, the location of this franchise is in Wharf Canary next to South London University. Although there are many other companies and franchises in the region, the location is essential in developing and planning for the future and growth of the business. This is strategic due to the high number of tourist who often frequent the region of riverside, the high number of colleges and university students, who often prefer fast foods, due to their tight schedules. More importantly, the Docklands will serve as a ground breaking location that is essential and ideal in developing the foundation for customer and value generation for the business.

5.1 Customers

The target customers of the Dalton Fast Foods are the younger people and working community of the Dockland region.

5.2 Competition

Competition is important and essential in order to prosper in any business. Thus, fast foods sector have competitive edge in the region due to the availability of market and culture. Hence, this trend is important in developing and focusing the perspective of success and profitability. More importantly, Dalton could like to merge menus with Eastern Food Group in order to produce a competitive edge in the market. More importantly, through the elaborated pricing and marketing strategies, Dalton Foods and Eastern Foods can easily merge in terms of marketing and communication into the outside communities. There are various competitors in the industry such as Subways, A Pret and Local cafes. Therefore, this is important in understanding the value and observation needed in developing and implementing the foundation for growth. “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

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5.3 Marketing Strategy

Marketing is important and essential in developing and showcasing the foundation and entities of the business into the market. Marketing is essential and necessary in developing and planning for success in the industry.

a) Product strategy

Entry is important to any market and in this scenario, there are a number of events and ideas that are needed in developing the foundation and essence of gaining and developing support. Thus, an opening in this case is important in planning and elaborating the entities needed in starting a new business.

b) Place strategy

The marketing strategy will focus on supporting the various roles, entities and means of various supports into the market and community. More important the plan is to create information and advertise in form of posters and media sources.

c) Promotion Strategy

These can be used in developing and informing the public. There are various means and ways through which the public and franchise can be informed. Holding and giving out packages in form of promoting the business will increase its selling threshold. Creating discounting and offering extra free packages is important in supporting marketing.

d) Pricing strategy

The franchise will follow strict but simple pricing strategies that are employed by Eastern Food Group. This is important in developing an average of £4.00 per meal. The pricing will enable students and low income earners to afford the meals, services and a variety of products.

6. Management

According to the founders and owners of Dalton Fast Foods, this franchise is a partnership that will be held and managed by both Eastern Foods and Dalton. Therefore, there is a plan to include the necessity and procedure that is needed in making decisions and planning for the business’s future plans and success. “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

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Personnel Plan

a) General Manager

Will responsible for the general overview and management of the franchise. All the plans and decision making will be part and parcel of his activities.

b) Finance Manager

Ms. Daisy Regala, possess a masters’ degree in economics (Human development and cooperation); hence she has sufficient planning and managing skills.

c) Marketing Manager

Mr. Patrick Anjum, possess a degree in business administration and project management. Hence he is the central in command in planning for the business’s future expansion and leadership.

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d) Human Resource Manager

Human resource manager will be responsible of developing and planning for the necessary services and activities of human resources. Human resource manager will also be responsible for the general allocation of human resources and planning.

e) Operations Manager

The main objectives and duties are to plan and effectively support the operations of the franchise and any operations needed to improve product generation and services delivery.

f) Accounts Manager

Cost planning and updating financial sources is another important responsibility for accounts department. More importantly, it will focus on the establishment and creation of reliable financial awareness and reports.

g) Assistants and Chefs

They will have the responsibility of preparing and overseeing production, quality and availability of products and services. More importantly, they are key in offering training of new employees.

7. Operations

It is an opportunity to indicate the location of the franchise and its outlets. It will be situated in the southern part of London near the University, hence presenting an opportunity for customer and supply availability. As a result, this is important and necessary in developing the foundation for future growth and business expansion. Thus, therefore, focus will be on:


All the equipment and materials needed will be supplied as part of the partnership with Eastern Foods. Thus, all equipment will be monitored and inventory taken in order to ascertain of costs and if any repairs are needed. Inspection will be carried out by the safety team and Eastern Food Group in determining its progress and effectiveness. More importantly, maintenance will be carried once every month in order to increase efficiency and reliability of its services and products.

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Health and Safety

Health and Safety conditions passed by the Food Safety Program will be followed directly. These will rules and regulations will be used in all labelling and naming of different foods and equipment’s. More importantly, human resources will be responsible of checking every details, before any allocation or commencing of a business day. Furthermore, instructions should be labelled and presented in every eating table such as;

Ø Ensure to ask for clean utensils to use
Ø Every table should be cleaned and kept dry
Ø Washrooms and cleaning areas should be well kept clean, fumigated and closed
Ø Ensure adequate resources and facilities
Ø Increase washrooms facilities
Ø Always present adequate spaces for washing and cleaning equipment.

Personal Hygiene

Ø Every employees should dress in the provided attire and it will always be kept clean
Ø All staff working in the kitchen and service delivery should have protective and clean attire
Ø All chefs and product developers should have their hair tied in order to avoid contamination
Ø Staff should always be responsible for their hygiene and place of eating. They should present themselves professionally and equally able to support business values.


Ø Training will be the initial step for every employee and staff who joins Eastern Foods and Dalton Fast Foods.
Ø Every staff will be offered essential information on planning and human resource development.
Ø They will be trained food preparations, handling and service.
Ø More importantly, staff will be trained on professional conduct and customer ordering.
Ø All staff will be trained in first aid response and fire safety.

8. Financial Plan

Financing is important and necessary in developing the business into a success. The entire franchise will cost close to £172, 000. This amount will be raised through a bank loan that amounts to 75% of the cost and the rest will shared between the three stakeholders of Dalton foods at a rate of 33.33% that amounts to £20, 000. “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

Reflective report on Dalton Fast food

I think that the business concept of Dalton Fast Food was quite interesting given that most of restaurants are able to reap profits with quicker break-even point than other line of business. In the fast paced life, the aspect of people not having time to cook delicacies has prompted me to explore the idea of Dalton Fast food. The learning’s of business world and personal ambition thus tempted me to lay down ‘Dalton Fast food’ that aims to offer mouth watering food to the people of Docklands region. The background study, had led me to show an initial investment amount of £173,875 may be sufficient but it would have been better if the figure crossed £200,000. I have been conservative to my estimates in the beginning which put a constraint on my expenditure later on in the business plan. The cost of decorating restaurant with the necessary ambience may have been taken into account. The bulk of the allocated fund would be spent in paying of franchisee fees, and making arrangement of essential stuffs like employees, internet, electricity, fuel etc. The cost of creating attractive impressive retail outlet evidence has not been included which in my opinion was a drawback of this business plan. Consideration to the costs associated with designing of store layout and its attractive ambience is necessary consideration for any business plan (Haag, 2007). “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

The mission statement of this business plan does not specify the kind of customers intended to serve. The business description clearly highlights the advantages of pursuing partnership business model with respect to future expansion. Although the advantages of pursuing franchisee business model has been proposed but its’ comparative superiority over other business model is essential for investment justification which has not been done. The range of services and products that are planned for offering complements the fundamental of business ethics. I feel as a mark of progressive service organization it is imperative to offer customers services 7 days a week. The proposed arrangements at the eatery like washrooms, Wi-Fi, and television fulfils the requirements of healthy and comfortable dining. However, as commitment to profit earning it was necessary to justify why the proposed arrangement will be drawing customers when other brands are offering 24*7 services in the region. Thus, in my opinion the business plan have not presented any strong rationale to provide added value to the customers which is vital for long term profitability. As per Karlsson and Honig (2009), a proposed business concept need to justify the ways of offering greater value to customers so that investors can have faith in its’ profit generation ability.

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Although an attempt has been made to justify the selection of fast food industry it would have been better to offer statistical data for highlighting the profitability of this industry. I feel that the business plan don’t extensively justify the strategic location of the proposed restaurant. It was necessary to provide the details about customer demographics which may prove that the customers of the region are profitable to serve. The business plan has failed to explain why targeting tourists and university students extensively will serve the accomplishment of profit oriented goals. Moreover, it was necessary to justify why the proposed business concept fits well within the socio-cultural life of Docklands region. Before establishing point of sales in region specific manner it is necessary to understand how the product-service offerings suffice the needs of people visiting or residing in the region (Teece, 2010). “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

The business plan has failed to provide any solid justification of the customer segment targeted for marketing products. In this regard, no acceptable rationale has been presented in terms of targeted segments profitability. Moreover, it was expected that the business plan will provide rationale behind anticipated product appeal to the intended customers.

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The business plan has tried to explain the approach of tackling competition. The reasons provided behind competitive edge of fast food sector in the region on cultural grounds are not acceptable in my opinion. Attempts to justify the presence of competition are not in line with the purpose of a business plan. However, the business plan does not justify the benefits that could be obtained from merging its own menu with Eastern Food Group. A substantial vacuum has been created in the business plan because it does not explain how merging the menus of Dalton and Eastern Food Group makes it products offering at par with other established brands like Subways, KFC ,and McDonalds. The business plan does not justify why the marketed products will be appealing to the targeted customer segment. In this regard, it was expected to mention whether the company wishes to compete on the basis of product or price. Moreover, there is scope for improvement which could be exploited by justifying how partnership business model was helpful for the proposed business in the face of intense competition. The business plan attempts to rationalize the endeavor for studying competitors’ products and marketing strategy for laying the foundation for growth. I feel this was necessary and separate investment plan for market research may have been provided. Therefore, Gruber (2010) suggested that business plan need to encompass every minute detail of areas where investment is necessary right from laying down the store to market research. “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

The business plan’s marketing strategy is not clear. It does not provide elaborate justification of the STP i.e. segmentation, targeting, and positioning. The discrete explanation of product strategy is ambiguous. In my opinion it is vague because it does not explains any of the STP elements. Attempts to explain company’s approach in addressing individual elements of the marketing mix is not acceptable. The proposed pricing and promotional strategy is inadequate to explain the reasons that make it suitable for the market when other brands have stronghold on the market. I feel they don’t highlight why the selected strategy is essential and how it will benefit the organization’s sales volume, brand awareness, and help in penetrating the targeted market. The proposed marketing strategy has not justified the mannerism for identifying the preferences of customer in the targeted market segment. Chen et al. (2009) proposed that effective marketing strategy clearly delineates the approach of segmenting customers, targeting the elusive market, positioning the products in targeted market and formulates method for penetrating the market.

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The business plan presents the hierarchical structure of the organization and presents the role and responsibilities of managers and employee. However, to suffice the justification of the proposed business the approach adopted is not adequate. In my opinion the mere presentation of hierarchic levels is not sufficient and there is necessity to explain why the proposed hierarchic structure is ideal for the business undertaken. In this regard, the business plan has failed to explain how organizational functioning is optimized from the proposed management model. In this regard the business plan fails to highlight the nuances of interdepartmental communication and cooperation. The proposed management hierarchy requires further justification in terms of future scalability as per business requirements. The organizational structure proposed need to be justified in terms of bestowing greater authority and control down the hierarchy. Moreover, since the business model is based on partnership and is based on equitable sharing of costs between the partnering companies it was necessary to justify the suitability of the management hierarchy in this regard. In business plan the focus should be on justifying the profitability of the proposed business concept and all information provided must be complementary to it (Luzer, 2013). “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

In my opinion the business plan has not given sound presentation of operations management. On part of responsible organization it was expected to mention the international quality standards that will be abided and the necessary steps taken in this direction. In this regard it was expected that the business plan will identify the variables that will be regularly inspected for maintaining service standards. Health and safety issues have been vaguely presented. I have not found any mention of safety standards that will be followed for countering emergency from fire, or extremist activity. The business plan has not mentioned any strategically formulated method for implementing the safety standards. The business plan presents regular set of activities that will be followed for maintaining healthy eating conditions and hygiene but it does not mention the official health and hygiene standards which justify these activities. The training program suggested for employee development is not acceptable because in business plan is simple justification of the business concepts profitability. Training program is essentially an internal affair which could have been exempted. However, the working conditions that will be provided to employees should have been mentioned on grounds of humanitarian cause. A proposed business plan cannot be acceptable unless it clearly states the safety standards stringently observed otherwise the loan sanctioning entity may become liable (Mullins and Komisar, 2010). “Business-Plan Dalton Fast Foods”.

The financial information provided n the business plan has errors. The liabilities have been presented in tabular format with total assets. The business has a single liability of bank loan amounting to £150,000. But in total liabilities section the amount has been represented £180,000 which is erroneous. Moreover, the financial plan do not present the break-even analysis which is essential for ascertaining the time period within which revenue will exceed total costs. However, the start-up costs, projected financial statement for the 1st month has been adequately represented followed by their diagrammatic presentation for better understanding which is acceptable.

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