Dalton Fast Foods: Faculty of Business and Law; Module Code: UGB119

Executive Summary

Dalton Fast Food reflective report is a about a new fast food brand that has come up in the UK’s food and beverage industry “Dalton-Fast-Foods: Faculty of Business and Law; Module Code: UGB119“. Based out of the Wharf area of the Docklands, where the business establishment will be located, its a strategic location with a large working population and student community ideally suited for attracting footfalls. The restaurant provides all modern facilities and equipment’s that is up-to-date and contemporary. The special care is taken for hygiene, cleanliness and health. The cutting edge technology used is the cornerstone of creating a favorable brand image in the mind space of the consumers.
This has been possible primarily due to the highly educated and experienced promoters. Leading from the front, the promoters, not only ensured adequate amenities, but also strategic differentiation in the form of multiculturalism. The promoters are from Asian descent, allowing them to introduce blending of cultures of oriental and English mix.
This unique brand positioning of the Dalton Foods will target most socioeconomic groups of the Dockland area. This includes high, middle and low income groups, working executives, students and tourists. Furthermore, the legislative requirements are all met religiously so that there is no room for complaints from the customers or stakeholders.

1. Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this reflective is look back at the business plan which was completed to raise funds to start the company which in fast food restuarant. The money invested must yield profit as ROI as a basis (return on investment) of business prudence. To set up and operationalise the business, it is critical that Dalton Fast Food generates high magnitude of customer satisfaction. The customer satisfaction can be achieved by two critical factors. Ireland & Sexton (2008) stated that firstly, any franchisee must develop and implement new and innovative method of product development and serving as points to differentiate its products and services to the customers. Secondly, the pricing strategy should be competitive and affordable to the target customers. The learnings during and after the business plan proposed has been penned under.

2. Company Background

Mission Statement

I feel the mission statement is robust, visionary and more global in its approach. I felt that the local taste needs to be blended with multiculturalism in a delicate webbing of ideas that the customers should find the offerings from the menu as novel, unique and satisfying.


I have outlined the owners who have credible qualifications regarding business management. Hence, anybody who is taking franchisee is assured of a prudent business acumen and business support. Being Asian by descend they have the interest, knowledge of cultural traits, both in Britain and their native lands. I firmly believe this is a boon in defining ‘Dalton fast food’ as blending in the organizational culture and the products is made possible. Their experience with Asian food is an advantage for Dalton Fast Foods to differentiate on the grounds of positioning. The marketing approach should be credible too, given some of the promoters’ of Dalton Fast Foods qualification and experience towards the same.

3. Business Description

I felt that Dalton’s collaboration with the Eastern Foods is likely to reduce the business risk to a large extend. In this way, Dockland can expand by leaps and bounds as it will not face any significant competition. Even the planning, management, operations of the company will improve given the insights gained from Eastern Foods apart possible joint training and sharing of information.

4. Products and Services


I feel products selected and offered are standard, yet sufficient. Too many products can dilute the core competency of the brand.


The services can be differentiated on the grounds of customer expectation level (Dinsmore and Brewin, 2007). It has all the modern and up-to-date facilities along with attention towards healthy eating and hygiene. However, it is not over-the-top, making it simple and high quality. I believe this is a modest way to start the business.

Dalton-Fast-Foods: Faculty of Business and Law; Module Code: UGB119

5. Market Analysis

The industry needs penetrated which its unique menu and past experiences will allow to offer unique tastes that will attract customer. I learnt that restaurant franchisee fee is high at start up but it will give mileage through brand name. So reaching milestones through associations and creating opportunities for investment as a partnership is ideal for this business (Campbell.
et al. 2011).

Industry analysis

I think, the food and beverage industry is one of the most robust and profitable industries currently in the United Kingdom. The experience of the industry analysis enabled me to understand the immense potential for growth as indicated by the fact that it is one of the biggest employers in the UK. The changing lifestyle pace is throwing open immense possibility of the customers thronging in the fast food chains. Competitors like American majors, such as, the McDonalds, Subway and KFC have opened franchisees in UK realizing the potential of the huge business market it provides. The executives, students, youths of all income groups are finding the fast food restaurants interesting place to visit.

Target market

The choice of the location is strategic at least geographically (Kirwood, 2008). The location being in Wharf, Canary next to South London University provides opportunity to cash in the large tourist segment in the area. The franchisee can also benefit from the large student community who are likely to increase the footfalls for the restaurant. The blending of cuisines can be a differentiating factor and attractive proposition for the young adults, college goers, and family segment.

5.1. Customers

The working community in the Dockland region can find a restaurant that offers good food and different kinds of food. I felt that the current trend of a restaurant offering cleanliness and hygiene, WI-Fi and other facilities like car parking at a moderate pricing per plate is likely to get a steady flow of customers from the nearby community. Young people love to experiment with different tastes and hence the multicultural food menu is likely to excite them while care has been taken to do moderate pricing for fast food offerings (Stokes and Wilson, 2006). I felt this element that will attract the youngsters, college crowd and families gradually.

5.2. Competition

The multiculturalism approach and designing menu I felt is likely to give a competitive edge over its competitors. In the business plan, I thought of differentiating the restaurant as a product and offer standardized service. The customers might not find it interesting as it a commonplace practice, so first mover advantage to position the restaurant in Dockland’s multiculturalism is new, fresh and dynamic restaurant concept. Moreover, a to gain efficiencies of sharing menu, operations by merging of menus with Eastern Foods, Dalton can try in marketing areas as well, such as, distribution, communication and sharing of information. I learnt that this area needs inputs which can save us money.

5.3. Marketing Strategy

My ideology of the initial launch of the franchisee should be grand and eye catching, featured with various kinds of events. I realized for this brand awareness is a very important for letting the world know about brand Dalton. I surveyed and came to conclusion that it can be advertised in the local newspaper to make the restaurant known to the people while SNS(social networking sties) additionally to drive volumes can also be done. Discounts as first time customer I felt can be offered as promotional tactics. Later on I found that the items in the menu pricing should be competitive and be kept same as the Eastern Foods in order not to dilute the brand.

6. Management

The joint venture has many advantages as operational synergies with Eastern Foods can provide greater effectiveness in managing the franchise. The analysis led me to believe that a Manager will be heading the franchisee initially (Zott & Amit, 2008). I initially proposed the roles of managers of Finance, Marketing, HRM, and Operations while multitasking on need basis is essential which I realized later on. It is a simple workable organizational structure but communication is both ways across domains and freeflowing.

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7. Operations

The advantage of the location can catalyze the operation positively.


The kitchen equipments supply will be in collaboration with Eastern Foods. I felt this assoicaiton is of great help as it will ease the procurement of the equipments to enhance efficiency. However, the records should be kept of the equipments procured or supplied by the Eastern Foods to avoid confusion.

Health and Safety

I learnt that in terms of regulations, this is a critical area where all the employees and promoters should be aware. The following of the conditions prescribed by the Food Safety Program regarding health and safety will increase credibility of the restaurant in the eye of the customers. I realized that it is very important to recruit skilled human resource within legal age limits who will run the show. The utensils and proper dresses must be provided to the employees, safe work practices should be followed in kitchen so that the health and safety regulations are followed. The license obtained from fire dept, gas pipeline certificate needs tactical strategy to avoid any mishap. Insurance for all employees working in premises and for business which I have thought after its first day. “Dalton-Fast-Foods: Faculty of Business and Law; Module Code: UGB119“.
Adequate, measures are taken so that clean utensils are used, tables should be ‘spic and span’ and dry, washrooms are clean and sufficient space is used for washrooms.
Adequate training will be provided jointly by Eastern Foods and Dalton Fast Food. Apart from the training provided towards maintaining health and hygiene, the training of proper conduct and behavior towards the customers are also important. The training expertise of the Eastern Foods can come a long way in making the training a high quality one.
Moreover, extra mile is traversed to inform the employees regarding the HR planning and development. The training of food preparation, handling and service are provided. In a nutshell, no stone is left unturned to make the training of the human resource a full proof one.

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8. Financial Plan

The funding is raised with 75% debt and the rest from the contribution of the promoters. I have some reservation of this funding structure. I feel the majority of the loan should have been from the bank along with contributions. However, having said that it is not easy to raise funds from the money market for a relatively low awareness brand.

Conclusion: Dalton-Fast-Foods: Faculty of Business and Law; Module Code: UGB119

My overall group experience for proposing the Dalton Fast Food has been quite insightful. It has let me believe and understand the logical flow of process for starting up a partnership business. I find the plan adequate enough to attract funding from the bank though minor changes can be done on request.

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