1. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of being a reflective learner as a researcher and a business practitioner.

The part of the course curriculum, reflective learning has enabled me to think in the simplest form of what I have done and what is important in the learning phase “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”. To think is a natural course of action for any human being, while my dissertation journey is mostly an experiential journey and learning experience which builds on to the learning curve. The ability to reflect therefore helps an individual to understand with deeper insights about the methods that have been applied. The descriptive reflection helps in analyzing one’s own

This module helped me immensely as reflective learning process is a conscious effort on my own journey that indicates a growth in the learning process. It is more pertinent as the dissertation that is a part of the course has flaws in its subjectivity and expression (Petre & Rugg, 2010). Therefore, in my learning process journey, reflective learning is an acceptance to the inner self, which helped me to understand the link of the effort already put in and the intended. It does not however, stop here, as my learning process for the dissertation has an immense scope to improve it which can help only when the reflective

practice is adopted. The outcomes help to me to understand what has been done and also to understand how to do it differently next time (Paliktzoglou & Suhonen, 2011). Taking it to a level of my skill development, I found that the reflective practice has been occupying a respectable place as it separates itself from the ordinary, mundane or casual thinking process. To reflect is not only being critical on myself, but to improve on the methodology applied, be critical but also to become constructive enough to accept the good practices to make my efforts sharper next time (Rüger, 2013). Looking back the process which I adopted, I now view that only thinking alone on simplistic grounds will not yield any substantial results as the process is not scientific and constructive enough. Therefore, the ability to cultivate more value into the learning experience will happen with the aid of reflective learning. My argument is that reflective learning process enabled me as a learner, a better researcher for the research context that is much different than that of a private study. Ortlipp (2008) added that the effective search of knowledge and the use of it should ideally culminate into a value add, while the already done raises the question of the efficacy of the methods applied, in terms of context of my dissertation. According to the above statement, I think this sets apart the research is a never ending process that seeks to find a cause and effect relationship of two variables. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

Lee (2005) stated the importance of reflective learning process as a business practitioner is very different where the purpose of the task or the job is underlined in a definite purpose. I find the challenge for the role of business practitioner is more which is an indication of applied perspective of the theoretical concepts into practice. Therefore reflective practice should be a part of the everyday job even it is for a business practitioner, and I believe that it enables to seek more valued opportunities that have been missed earlier. The element of business practitioner therefore separates the action based activities and the theoretical knowledge which corresponds to practice through teaching philosophy. So the learning process can be classified as a skill enhancer, which is more structured in its approach. Almeida-Souza & Baets (2012) argued that social scientists have found out that the learning in the environment only assimilates when the understanding of theory is put into practice. So, reflective practice learning process can be shared with the business for a better understanding and grasp as a tool for learning process of the other members. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”


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So recalling what has been done is the first step which should ideally consider the issues of learning, enjoying, the things that went right or wrong. In my case, the first was cohort summative document that explained my intention to do the project on the topic. The topic chosen initially was on the use of customer relationship management in the hotel industry: A qualitative Cross-case analysis between the hotels in India and the UK. This was subsequently modified with agreement with the supervisor’s understanding. My second attempt and understanding is the application of various research approaches and explicates realistic, constructionist and interventionist theories of research. It then identifies the research methodology that will be used for the dissertation on customer relationship management in Hotel Horizon, Guruvayoor. The research experiences of ‘what’ is learnt from the experience, so a more controlled approach on the learning process, reflecting makes the research and the researcher more responsive (Gannon, 2006). “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

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Either way the research or as business practitioner, I need to understand the process needs attention of the individual self that is taking part solely in the research process. This is apt in this case as in the present context of my doctoral level study, there are many challenges for developing the level of professional knowledge. The application of the personalized research learning is then put into test so most of the process is more self directed, and independent in nature. Since, the self paced process of doctoral thesis is a predominant pattern worldwide, my learning process can be made more successful with the reflection process. I found that it is more of a deliberate attempt to facilitate the learning process while also a method which my research may have overlooked (Avramides & Du Boulay, 2009). The end result is for me to have criticality in reading research methodology, deeper and meaningful understanding, and develop the skill to present to the audience an analogy of discussion that raises questions for researcher to defend. On the other side, when the past research in the form of literature review is unfathomable, self directed learning therefore falls short. So, productive reflection or the quality of reflection that strengthens my learning process is an indication of systematic learning process as there are many implicit and explicit nature of content in the reflection itself that can be analyzed. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

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The mere portray of what has happened therefore is not a sufficient explanation of the reflection but the attempt here is to facilitate the learning process itself, so that there is a methodological improvements in my research. Cosker (2002) argued that in business, it is more pertinent as the application requires a more deeper understanding and handling of the further complex consequences. This is where the theorizing of the applied meets the expected and the unexpected which is more of an experimentation continuum. Interestingly, the reflective practice in business I felt can bring in a disciplined approach to work process, the learning style, problem solving and makes it worth while as skills and thinking are more strategically oriented in career development and progresses in a meaningful direction. This statement is supported by knowledge element as it enriches my productivity and quality of output, therefore the learning is a continuous process, and reflection is changing for better effective techniques will help to flourish the practice (Hanrahan et al. 1999). So the aspect of the reflection for my research is that, it had the intension to be in-depth, but the scope of defining metaphors and analogies with one study and the other was not fine tuned enough. While the scope is still there to be achieved, the need to change the out of line frame which will make the good use of the past literature is required. This is digression of the discussion which was not relevant and did not contribute to the literature area of research. I felt in the summative submission the application of the theory of a past situation was not applied in the perspective of the research context. Though the framework in methodology part was presented and structure was laid out, the criticality of the discussion was not able to reach any conclusive outcomes. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

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The process of reflection though not appreciated by many has a structured approach to better learning curve, as it is able to shift the wrong approaches taken earlier and helps to do it the right way next time (Ortlipp, 2008). The conscious effort and intent adding to research process, is seen as the newer role will help me to shun the old ways and be more logical in relating the discussion. It will help to add to the insights of my learning journey as what was intended to be, was not achieved, so the process of reflection ideally helps to look at those things which I have failed to realize in the first attempt.

2. Understand their own behavior, values and the impact of these on research approaches.

Reflecting on one’s own behavior though is easier said and done, I found reflection as the most difficult things in the world. My proposed and modified dissertation title, customer relationship management in a hotel in India, situated in a location of cultural significance underwent slight change and the thinking of this topic came from the town I hail from. The cultural significance factor according to me plays an important role for people who are looking at many locations, while to my understanding the place, Guruvayoor with its own might is capable of attracting tourists and guests checking in hotel without CRM factor aiding it. My initial excitement with the topic is embedded in understanding the city, culture and what it offers while trying to link with the business aspect for the hospitality sector.

The research in the beginning did seem daunting as much as I wanted to prove the cultural significance aspect to the CRM element of the hotel. The summative submission that highlighted the literature review to look at my understanding of the topic on the preliminary level. So, this was the initial concept that I had in my head, and the initiatives which I took were primarily to find the gaps in the literature. The searching for the right literature however, posed the problem, as the task was to define the CRM as a concept while different definitions by past researchers helped me to understand the wider scope it offered. I intended to understand the hotel’s perspective and the customer’s as well in choosing the city as a point of stay, and if the high cultural significance is a factor for choosing the hotel. The definition of culture was important just as CRM as both of them are interlinked with each other. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

However, the approach of Indian mysticism, art, literature was not enough to prove the point, so that was weak in connecting the logic proving that certain cities have rich culture. So the research beginning needed more in-depth research with evidence. I personally look back at the efforts I have put it to prove has been less than the literature I got for the CRM element. So though the motivation was there, the systematic and structured approach was not enough which could have enabled for a strong foundation in explaining the concepts in my dissertation. Rüger (2013) stated that a preconceived notion, led to the formation of the research topic and lack of information and evidence made the approach more myopic in nature.

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As an individual I value time and punctuality, hence the essence of the researching the content for the literature review required the ability to think wide and yet narrow down the specificity in it. This was lacking which I understood later, while comparing the two factors CRM and cultural significance from the research title. The ability to define, being critical, club the similar themed and the differences that exist between the other perspectives should be aligned and be able to support the research title was my initial agenda. The value of quality of the content which I described is a resource for enriching the proposed literature review in the dissertations is linked to the ability to link to the research which holds the key. There exists a very thin line of what I need to emphasize and what not, as the things that I value and want to project can be up for critical discussion. The point of constructive criticism should ideally help to understand the flaws and nature of digression from the viewpoint taken (Mudinas, 2009). So, there was the challenge that became increasingly difficult for the later phase of trying to find the researches done in past that would have sufficed my dissertation, but it was hard to find. I also realised later, that the approach of finding too much information led to my inability to manage and classify on the viewpoints or stance is a personal myopia. Though, I did show the thirst to find out the CRM definitions, concepts, however now I feel that the important link of the cultural significance to the research topic was meagre when compared to the discussion in the literature review. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

Later on, I found out that the CRM elements are so profound as the definitions are too wide to handle and it was tough to come to a conclusive standpoint and take it further to link with the other variable. The challenge was huge as aligning the parameters to an engaging discussion which serves the purpose of understanding the flow of the discussion, criticality was a lacking in establishing the CRM and relationship marketing. Thereby, on introspection and even during the proof reading, I understood that what I wanted to define is more of that has already been said. The need was to discuss criticality and taking standpoint to offer a platform. The approach was very greyish since I believe from each of the discussion subheads there should have been a standpoint which should lead to the formulation of the hypothesis where two or more variables and their relationship should have been outlined. This dawned on me, when I happened to chance on other sample dissertations after I realised that the discussion could have been more focussed. Thus the hopes and the determination I had at the beginning now waned considerably, as I was not happy with the output that I had produced. Infact after a revision or so, I may have improved a little, but to my understanding I could have rechecked at each paragraph to align it to the topic while I was progressing with the discussion. Gannon (2006) argued that having drawn a broad outline and then segmenting each of the parameters could have been arranged in a better manner. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

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The linkage of the IT into the CRM had to be a gradually introduce topic while the linkage of each paragraph in the discussion should have been logically based discussions that exude rationality. I read through and did have it in my head to read a lot about the past research, but the main highlight need is to be linked whether my research suffices or not. So in this manner the elimination of those which did not match could have been done. Though I tried to express originality, did good amount of research work, but essentially lacked the sharpness in criticality of understanding the topic. It is not about retelling a concept but to express that knowledge element which supports the research topic (Lee, 2005). The emerging thought would have been taken as a valued hypothesis in the proposed research topic, so the thinking at the initial phase and the expectation to produce a superlative work thus requires a very fine skill. The research approach could have been more focussed where the ability to go deep into a discussion to prove its usefulness could have been beneficial to my research. There were subheadings but the flow of the proposed literature review which I had did miss the linkage. The research approach was thus very scattered and given the content I had it could have be more effective on the lines of argument and discussion.

3. Identify existing research skills and to identify future skill requirements.

The research encompasses different levels of skills which aids my research process at different stages of the research journey. Though there are many skills needed the basic ones are searching for literature review, understanding the research methodology that is the key to understand the scope of my research topic, the gaps in the literature which will help me to define the topic. Now I firmly believe that the issue of collaborative skill comprises of the single researcher to join a group presentation by faculty or even go further to do a joint research. Gannon (2006) added that the next important skill is the ability to write which goes a long way in proving and refuting a standpoint that is beneficial for the research.

This is mostly based my individual efforts and the searches made in the libraries, online libraries, with the textual books available as it helps to form a substantial portion of the research topic. The proposed literature review therefore had a lot of lacunae as the writing skills is another key technical skill as each of the research sections are related to each other. Lee (2005) argued that the efficacy of the writing output is only viable when these are accepted and published in the journals. There are also some additional research skills which I felt is needed that is networking which brings in faculty connections, or visits to the universities, conferences and presentations. It helps to magnify the knowledge element and contribute to the research fraternity and knowledge depository. I found out the importance of the reasoning skills are needed to build on a stance for a viewpoint so that it aids the discussion towards the conclusive help to enrich the finalization of the hypothesis. In order to do so, the enquiry process broadens with the domain knowledge, research methodology that guides the researcher to choose the appropriate research methods for the final act of data collection and its interpretation (Almeida-Souza & Baets, 2012). “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

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The existing research on the topic, that I have chosen is customer relationship management in a hotel in India, situated in a location of cultural significance needs to have a clear thinking about the CRM elements of the hotel. Defining CRM from past research needs the serious intent and understanding on accepting a particular model that supports the hotel function. The start of my research had inputs from the course modules and all I needed is to have a clear logic for the viewpoint I am supporting. Therefore in the knowledge synthesis domain, the need to be critical and argumentative as a skill is highly appreciated which I thought I had moderate grasp in the beginning showed unimpressive results. Again the research topic which is domain related may draw from multiple disciplines like management, culture, sociology, consumer behavior, statistics and the two perspectives of customer and the management of the hotel added complexity to it. The knowledge part was limited to the cultural richness factor of a city which labelled the city, while the research embarked upon wanting to understand the business side of the hotel relationship with customers in choosing a location like that. According to me, the other knowledge required specifically is consumer behavior related where the relationship of the CRM and culturally rich city preference is being looked at. Avramides & Du Boulay (2009) added that the additional skills that were required are to understand the variables that are involved which are independent and the dependent variables which could help the hypothesis. Infect, the doctoral level work also requires me to be enterprising as the whole study is self paced that is to be criticized to prove the relationship of the variables. So, this is not always true but to some extent for this research as I have tried out the efficacy of the location that is culturally rich and extent to which the hospitality industry is using CRM to generate repeat footfalls. Petre & Rugg (2010) suggested that the aspect of the technical rationality is a unique set of skills that is required when the time is short and the scope of the research is narrow, its use often helps to align the past research with the current research topic. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

This reflective exercise has enabled me to find the flaws and hence the future skills that are necessary for this dissertation can be outlined as under. The researching skills for the relevant topic is key to increase the quality of the discussion, hence ability to recognize and define problem and then critical thinking in the current work is needed. Though the research methodology needs a strong set of justifications for the research stages, the documentation and writing skills are the essence of the dissertation end result. These are required to understand the digressed research content, while trying to maintain the good research practice is essential. Essentially the management of the research content can be done by applying the effectiveness and approach to the task. So the learning being steep, open to criticism, creativity and flexibility, networking and self awareness and discipline is what I need to adjust for future. Developing the above does not happen in one day, so I need to figure out a plan to lead a routine life and adopt a time based approach to task is needed. Presenting the work through academic writing is needed that will have more criticisms and questions that will enable to be re-read and modified until my purpose and perfection is achieved. The above plan is sufficient to lay down my future plans which will enable me to improve the research skills and assist in aligning the research in an appropriate manner. In a broad nutshell the communication skills, networking skills, research management and personal effectiveness is needed to increase my chances of research quality.

4. Evaluate the effectiveness of learning sets/groups for supporting personal learning and development

The first point of the research to read the past literature leads to the next step of the ask factor. The most common point to ask is the research guide and supervisor who would provide the comprehensive framework but the most substantial form of learning takes place through connectives learning. It follows the ideology of the learning in the form of groups where the social connectivism, aids the process of the probing. It also prompts the knowledge sharing which in turn questions and facilitates the learning process when anyone is not able to understand or perceive it. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

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Though, I and my supervisor forms a dyadic relationship, the angle of the two or more leads towards a more argumentative conversation. The content being the core issue here, from where the problem occurs, the teacher-teacher, teacher-student should ideally transfer to student-student (Petre & Rugg, 2010). This group content of my learning process can be limited within or may take a bigger shape of group-group or between the teacher group and the learner group. This format of the pedagogy coupled with reflection, is therefore very different from my own individual self learning as the aspect of network literacy is inbuilt here, which forms a major part of my interactional learning process. The effectiveness of self paced learning is superseded by the learning in groups especially for human science, where the operational phase interacts with the personal learning environment. Rüger (2013) added that the actors in the group are likely to offer and propose the likely situations regarding the issue at hand and this increases the understanding level and as to how the discussion finds a direction.

Most of the times, when I am a part of the group learning process, I had to relate to my existing knowledge repository and the newly acquired knowledge. The argument of research being self paced and self driven is more of experiential learning process is therefore, more apt but the process ends along with the research. So, to judge the efficacy of the group task for conducting experiment, or a laboratory one with controlled factors thus makes it worthwhile as much of it depends on the topic. Even in the online learning, the group learning sets through video learning is found to have better learning curve than that of the traditional education. Thus the learning environment for me was more facilitative in nature in case of the group where the individual self is more prone to either ask or suppress the opinion Avramides & Du Boulay (2009) concluded that this depends on a personality factor of the individual can be made to participate if the cohesiveness factor is enabling the learning process taking everyone in the learning curve. So the open interaction has more dynamism into the conversation connection, that affects their individual learning curve. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

I believe that this along with diversity enriches to make the socially connected group to information those who are not informed while, they also help to create followers for those who know the most. This is a characteristic of the group learning process that spawns the discussion to be ‘way-finding’ and the discussion between the actors ‘sense making’ enables to make a deeper impact in the artifact/constructs creation. It contains negotiation for a standpoint amongst the members that is challenges, and shared, to make a consensus along with a reflection. The group is likely to leave that is not relevant through consensus but is also to form groupthink that sways the topic towards group leader’s own interest while a balanced approach need knowledge, experiences in the domain to drive the discussion.

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I found that the group flow of conversation has an element of dynamism of the operational interaction between the members of the group, or between groups that exposes the nuances of the range of diverse and emergent thinking processes. This actually helps to judge many other possibilities of the issue which helps the knowledge to be enriched further. Going back to connectives approach, I felt that the group learning scans what is important to the current context of the research, which is becoming aware and others know the manner in which the learning process progress. This is more complex as if I had to counter a view point to oppose, then it needs substantial proof to move all alone against the group, while the strength of argument decides to level it through the negotiation. Cosker (2002) added that the crux of the group learning however, is the ability to listen intently as a single point missed breaks the chain in the conversation. I also discussed about my topic in the group and found very interesting viewpoints which I have not considered in the proposed topic for research process. Therefore I realized  that the group practice and also needs the sharper reflex as the context the conversation is made and replied too, as the progress and flashbacks will only delay the discussion around the issue. Since, there will be differential learning curve when compared to self paced learning and the group learning, the importance in the personal learning to adjust the different learning processes is important (Mudinas, 2009). The doctoral study is about my abilities at personal level in order to apply theories into the practice. So in order to meet the professional prerequisites and the domain knowledge, the personal development of key skills is very necessary. Some of them included to handle MS Office, while the others are like technical skills to understand the chapter three. Though it might have critiques to it, but learning process at personal level requires a fundamental shift in my approach which may be difficult to shrug off while it can be easily influenced by group members. The personal approach is related to the my understanding of the topic, issue, the context and ability to relate it to the discussion that is happening in the group. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

5.Effectively use their skills and knowledge to contribute to the development of their research proposal.

The reflective report provides information on the overall understanding of the total exercise undertaken. Readers will be able to understand how the study has taken place, the tools that have been considered and the ways undertaken to conduct a piece of work. This particular reflective report is developed on my summative proposal. The research proposal deals with the topic of CRM or customer relationship management of the Hotel Horizon Guruvayur. The report is especially a reflection of the understanding of research purpose, methods of data collection including both qualitative and quantitative data analysis and also the findings and outcomes of the research. I felt the need to structure the research as one of the key needs apart from focusing on the qualitative content.

In my summative proposal, the customer relationship has been considered to be an important tool for ensuring greater profitability. As a result of which, I had to decided to conduct the study on hospitality industry as looking back I realized that the importance of the town Guruvayur is basically offering the guests to stay in hotels. As highlighted in my proposed summative that the hospitality industry customer relationship is important as the prime product that is offered is stay with meals which is an essential element to ensure good customer relationship. The research proposal thus has been found to have given an understanding of customer relationship with respect to customer centric hospitality industry. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

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From the proposal submitted on the literature review another major aspect becomes very essential is that the subject of study has been considered to be a tourist destination in Southern India. India, a tourist hotspot for travelers across the globe, especially because of the fact that Indian history is replete with many significant works of ancient human culture. As a result of which, I have tried to find the various means and relationship strategies that have been undertaken by the hotel management in order to ensure high standard of satisfaction under customers across the globe. This was my initial title as Indian and UK context was considered which was later on amended.

On analysing the methodology proposal submitted earlier, it becomes evident that I have proposed to conduct a quantitative and qualitative methodology. Also I proposed to follow a mixed methodology involving primary as well as secondary data collection in order to understand and the issue better. The secondary study in the form of literature review was done that was digressing from the issues which I planned to raise. On the other hand primary study also has been considered in the form of quantitative and qualitative methodology. It can thus be determined that I have tried to propose that mixed method studies that would ultimately enable to get varied understanding of the concepts of customer relationship (Peffers et al. 2007). “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

There could have been several ways of developing my research proposal with a more effective format. For instance, the study could have involved substantive evidences that India is an attractive destination for tourists has not provided any statistical evidence. CRM is the main topic based on which the research study has been developed. I have not been able to provide any exhaustive information on the topic and handle the flow of logic, the discussion to be aligned to my research topic. The challenges were immense as I was not able to find relevant past research on the topic including secondary research studies. When I now look back the efforts put in, and the kind of proposal I intended shows a marked difference in quality. The mistake likes in reading the output over and over, till the justifications and the criticality achieved in the discussion and what was intended in the summative literature review. Moreover, to establish how CRM has actually helped the management of the hotel to enhance overall profitability was not met. As already mentioned above, another major aspect of the study that it has not been able to effective focus upon is the culture. The culture of the study has been found to be extremely important aspect as the hotel in a tourist location where tourists across the globe visit. Hence, development of a conceptual model of customer relationship that exclusively deals buyer traits for hotel preference was not done by me, which I realized later on. I have not been able to relate hotel occupancy with other locations to prove Guruvayur has also not dealt in deep about customer’s preference to stay in this hotel. The various hospitality facilities provided by the hotel and how these facilities are different or unique compared to the various other hotel competitors of the market was not discussed which is a reason as to why the guests will prefer this hotel in this city Guruvayur. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

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Mudinas (2009) added that another major drawback of my summative literature is that the research issues were not stated explicitly. As a result of which, the overall proposal has not been able to develop along the lines of the realistic issues. Hence, it seemed that the study has not been able to actually portray exactly show the results of the quantitative and qualitative studies will be identified and captured. Thus, to great extent the content of the proposal has been found to be lacking in proper expressions, lack in linkage of the thinking though it was mentioned relevant information.
The level of knowledge has been found to be satisfactory but the use of the appropriate framework and justifying the information with framed structures was not done. The study although lacks in many respects like use of right terminologies, presentation of the proposal with impactful content and provision of enough evidence, on considering all the shortcomings and also the strengths of the study was not done. However, the study can become all the more relevant with respect to incorporation of theoretical aspects of CSR or customer relationship management and with the inclusion of results that would actually help to come up with constructive outcomes on the management of customer relations and its impact on brand image of the hotel and ultimately the high profit level. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

According to Rajasekar et al. (2006) research proposal is basically the short structure of the entire research study. The proposal which I had presented to the faculty in literature review of the topic basically provides information on the various vital aspects of a study for instance, the methodology has been developed as per the aims and objectives of the research. The proposal has been found to have given emphasis on qualitative data collection instead of quantitative. This is mainly because of the fact; the qualitative data analysis is identified to be more in depth as compared to the quantitative data (Kothari, 2012).

After I reflect of the all the efforts put in by me, the values could have been interpreted more broadly. This is mainly due to the fact that broader reflections to great extent enable the outcomes of the research to get compared to wider field of application. This further supports the validity of my research studies. In other words, it has been found that the results of my research study have the scope of being implemented at a wider level. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

This report has been able to come up with effective reflections of the overall outcomes of the study. The report has expressed the shortcomings of the study and also the strengths. On overcoming my shortcomings, the strengths can be built up even more. One of the major strengths of my study is that the study has maintained all the relevant structural and methodological aspects. However, with a well represented content with supportive evidences, the proposal could have turned out to be more convincing.

6. Evaluate within their professional contexts the level of their skills, knowledge and expertise.

The purpose of the reflective report on summative proposal will try to look at the skills knowledge and the expertise which help in my professional context. Thus, the research proposal is basically on two major aspects of the industry, customer relationship and cross cultural differences of choosing a hotel in a culturally rich location. It will be in the form of reflective report and hence will try to evaluate the various frameworks of the study based on which the overall proposal was developed. The customer relationship management has been identified to be extremely useful in the hospitality industry. Since, the hospitality industry especially deals with cross cultural aspects; it becomes interesting to note the various management strategies that are usually developed by the hotel industry in order to develop an in-depth and investigative study on the cultural aspect of customer relationship management followed by the range of information provided by the results of the study and their wider real life applicability. The skill relevant here is the quality of the research that was conducted which could not suffice and justify the relationship of the variables of the research. The other skill which is lacking is the writing ability as a scholar which I lacked, though I presumed that the given knowledge is suitable for the proposals on literature review and research methodology. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

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The title of the proposal has been identified to be quite direct and hence I found the phenomenon to exist while the initial consideration of UK and India however was fine tuned as the scope was too broad. However, the title lacks in expressing the fact regarding why the study on customer relationship has been considered with the link of culture of the city attracting the guests. According to Rajasekar et al. (2006), a title of a research study must essentially hold the very reason behind conducting the research study. I needed to understand the key elements or factors affecting the outcome, but there was lack of depth. Reading with a purpose and ability to channelize the thought process towards the dissertation title is a greatest challenge of all. I understood the vital points on which it is required to focus the entire research study (Kothari, 2012). It can thus be determined that research studies are the ones that have been developed on a particular issue that gets clearly reflected through the title of the research. The title of the research is therefore considered to be one of the most important aspects of research, as aligning the short and crisp the title is greater it has the tendency to develop an impact on the overall effectiveness of my study. I understood that the choosing title is also related to the research scope, the feasibility of the literature review justifying the arguments.

As mentioned above, the title of a study is generally developed based on certainly research issues (Peffers et al. 2007). Based on the research issues several research questions were framed that was laid out in the summative assessment. The research questions was developed through the research issue for this particular study are quite exhaustive after the aims was laid out. I framed the questions that are based around effectiveness of CRM that help in aiding of hospitality management within Hotel Horizon International, the questions are also based on the investigations on various strategies adopted by the management for ensuring customer relationship especially with respect to culturally significant location called Guruvayoor. Further, I found that the customer loyalty index, level of staff empowerment and integrated service departments and marketing are some of the most significant aspects of CRM and hospitality industry based on which the research questions have been found to have developed and proposed to have established an enquiry.
My research proposal has quite elaborately mentioned about the various aspects of research methodology. For instance, my research study has spoken about qualitative and quantitative data collection that was proposed is justified. The methods of data collection and also analysis are also mentioned. Data collection as well as analysis has been considered to be important as to great extent the effectiveness and the authenticity of the study depends upon the standard or quality of data collection and analysis. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

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The research philosophy has been taken to be interpretivism (Smith, 2012). For this particular study interpretivism is especially required to actually investigate and then understand the various aspects of customer relationship management, the ways CRM can be improved further and to what extent it has been able to ensure greater efficiency in the hospitality industry. In the research proposal, I have given proper justification behind selection of interpretivism. In fact, Pedler (2012) opined that interpretivism enables researchers to look into the issue of the study in greater detail.

In the second section of the study, I have considered several parameters of the study. These parameters are nothing but identification of principle methods of getting the data that is available. The different parameters of the study are basically the tools and techniques that have been adopted to conduct the research study (Lee, 2005). The tools that have been taken up are primary data collection and analysis, secondary data collection and analysis, survey questionnaire, interview, sampling and convenient sampling. So, from the overall study of the aspects, it becomes evident that the proposal has been able to focus on the various essential aspects of research study. Each of the parameters is identified by me, is quite suitable for the research and hence can be determined to be an important factor for the development of the research study on customer care relationship and its impact on the performance of hospitality industry. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

The fact, that emphasis on the methodology becomes evident from the fact that in the proposal, each part of the research methodology thus is justified by me in order to pursue the research. For instance, I have specifically mentioned research approach where introduction of both inductive and deductive approach has been given.

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The second half of the report consists of the analysis section (Almeida-Souza. & Baets, 2012). This particular section has in detail, I have dealt with primary and secondary form of analysis. In case of the secondary data analysis, I have considered to collect information from secondary resources that are up to date and current. For instance, in majority of the cases the information has been collected from newspapers, magazines and journals. However, as Mahoney (2010) expressed that for an exhaustive secondary analysis it is essential to understand the various theoretical concepts, especially the conventional ones. It is by getting grasp of theoretical concepts I can get an idea about how a link has been established with theoretical knowledge of the subject matter and questions that will help in data collection and data analysis. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”

According to Blessing and Chakrabarti (2009), one of the most challenging aspects of the research analysis is primary data analysis. This is because, the data collection process for quantitative data is generally huge, and hence, it often becomes difficult to handle them effectively. Also, the quantitative and qualitative data analysis has to be done in a complementary way. In other words, data analysis has to be carried out in a way that would ensure one form of primary data analysis to help fulfil the gap of the other form of primary data analysis. I intended to do primary data analysis utilising several technological tools including software, for the purpose of managing huge bulk of numerical information. One effectively analysing the numerical information, I had to cover wide range of questions within the prime topic of customer relationship management. Customer relationship management element is therefore considered to have been dealt widely.

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Also, as Gioia et al. (2012) says the quantitative data analysis is identified to become a success when the gaps identified from quantitative data analysis is supported by the results of qualitative data analysis. In this research proposal as well the researcher aims to come up with comprehensive data analysis.
My research proposal has been found to have followed all essential elementary requirements of research study but it lacked in the substantive research discussion that failed to evolve any strong emergence and stance to formulate the conceptual framework. In order to ensure the study to be all the more effective, it is important to ensure that there are ways to improve the discussion of the justifications of the research stages chosen for the study. I could have included two to three other hotels and their sales figures in terms of occupancy and develop into a comparative study between two cities. It is expected that such a comparative study would help to ensure for better understand of customer relationship management. “REFLECTIVE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”


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