Service encounter in #KFC #restaurant
Wirtz (2006) mentioned that delivery of service in accurate time is the prime essence of the success of a service-oriented organization. However, most of the service oriented organisation does not follow the rules of service marketing. As a result, the rate of confidence and trust over the brand is decreasing significantly that may hamper the reputation and prosperity of the concern in the long run. Hence, the profitability and market share of the service organisation might get declined, thereby, hindering its position and popularity. Such a gap is recognised as service delivery gap. Considering this fact, Fogli (2006) denoted that service delivery gap is the gap that arises mainly due to delay in the delivery of the service. As a result, the expectation level of the customers gets hampered resulting in reduction of the retention ratio. However, in order to reduce such type of service gaps, most of the service oriented organisation desires to offer highest attention towards presentation of service at accurate time. This is done, to retain the expectation and confidence of the target mass towards the brand in this competitive era. Similar scenario or challenge might be faced by the global player, KFC. Such a situation may arise mainly due to lack of delivery of services in appropriate time as mentioned in the assignment of service encounter#1. As mentioned in service encounter#1, maximum extent of the customers had to wait for a long time during the peak hours to get their preferred food. Due to this, the level of frustration of the customers increases that hampers the confidence and loyalty over the brand. Hence, the retention rate of the customers decreases that may prove extremely detrimental for a service providing organisation in this age. Since, lack of retention rate of the customers might decline the sustainability and competitive advantage of the organisation in this competitive era.

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Thus, in order to reduce such type of service delivery gap, KFC restaurant might recruit more staffs to deliver the orders in accurate time. Along with this, the organisation might make separate counters for food items and drinks so as to reduce the service delivery gap. Only then, KFC might create a distinct position and trust within the minds of the customers in this age of numerous substitute players (Baraban and Durocher, 2010). However, if KFC fails to fulfil such a gap, then it may not retain its sustainability and competitive positioning in the market among McDonald’s and Subway. Hence, the dependency and loyalty of the customers towards the brand might get enhanced resulting in improvement of the customer base and profitability. Thus, it may be revealed that service delivery and expectation of the target mass is entirely linked with one-another. Expectation of the target mass of KFC might get enhanced if it delivers ordered food in time. However, in order to do so, KFC need to improve its service quality (Gupta and Starr, 2014). Otherwise, due to improper service quality, KFC may never position itself as the top-most player in fast-food segment.

Service encounter in Barclay’s Bank

To enhance the sustainability and competitive advantage, best quality of service is the only requisite of the service providing organisation. Considering this fact, Gupta and Starr (2014) denoted that service delivery and service quality are the two prime pillars on which the reliability and trust of the target mass rests. Baraban and Durocher (2010) contradicted that failure to retain both the aspects may prove detrimental for the service providing organisations. Since, customer is the only concern of the service providers. Failure to retain the expectations and satisfaction rate of the customers may hinder the prosperity and market share of the organisation among others. Moreover, failure to retain the customers may decline the position and profitability of the organisation resulting in the downfall of the entire reputation. Such type of service related gap is known as customer gap in service marketing. According to Gupta and Starr (2014) customer gap arises mainly due to breach within expected service and perceived service. However, due to such gap, the loyalty and confidence declines resulting in the augmentation of the switchover costs. Improvement of the switchover costs may decrease the competitiveness and market demand of the organisation. However, in order to reduce such types of gaps, most of the global players try to offer dedicated focus towards the expectation of the target mass. Doing so, may prove effective for the organisation to know the expectations of the target mass and so it may design the strategies to fulfil it. Such a situation is mentioned in service encounter#2 of activity 1. In service encounter#2, a customer is over charged by the Barclay’s bank for quite a few months. After following the same for few months, the customer decided to talk to the executives of the bank (Grönroos, 2007). However, due to communication gap, the customer is forced to visit the premises of the Barclay’s bank. Only then, the issue of overdrawn charges might be stopped entirely. However, the customer had a very shocking experience after viewing a long queue waiting to make complaints regarding improper customer services. After waiting for more than 45 minutes, the expectation and trust of the customer over the bank declined, that hindered the confidence as well. Hence, the customer decided to switchover to a competing brand #HSBC that handles a good customer service network. Thus, in order to reduce such types of customer gaps and communication gaps, Barclay’s bank need to develop a separate customer complaint department. Only then, #Barclay’s bank may improve its position and loyalty within the minds of the customers in the recent years as well as in the coming years. Moreover, a customer relationship management (#CRM) concept need to be implemented by the organisation so as to improve its service quality and delivery. Since, relationship acts as driving force for the service providers in this advanced and globalised age. Otherwise, Barclay’s bank may not retain its #sustainability and #competitive advantage in this dynamic era as compared to other rival players (Baraban and Durocher, 2010).

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Thus, presentation of #services at accurate place and time is very essential for an organisation to retain its #brand #image and #value among others.

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