Professional Enquiry: The University-of-West-London Undergraduate-BA50035E

Is my area of research worthy of investigation?

The area of research is employee retention where the researcher will basically investigate into the factors that affect employee retention in a firm like TESCO “The University-of-West-London Undergraduate-BA50035E”. As per today’s business scenario, the employees of an organization are considered to be biggest assets who can value add and differentiate (Sandhya and Kumar, 2011). As a result of which, it becomes very essential to have employees who are skilled and proficient in contributing to organizational profitability. These employees are therefore identified to be the assets of a company. Therefore, employee satisfaction and consequently employee retention becomes important (Kyndt et al. 2009). In case employees are not satisfied working in the company, there would be high attrition level. In fact, there can be several factors that may affect employee retention like increased retail brands has led to poaching (Richman et al. 2008). So, it is expected that the area and topic of research is worthy for investigating a pertinent business problem, as post research results will help Tesco to address the issues related to employee retention. “The University-of-West-London Undergraduate-BA50035E”.

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Have I got good research topic?

The topic of the research is to identify the various factors that may affect employee retention in firm in Tesco a retail firm. The topic is indeed identifiable as it enables the researcher to come up with results related to the importance of employee retention in the company (Yamamoto, 2011). The various factors that help in affecting employee retention, and to be ability to make recommendations on employee retention for Tesco is apt as it addresses strategic business issues. So, the topic of the research is highly impactful as it would help the researcher to carry on with investigation regarding employee retention from a wider aspect. The research topic is therefore apt and may be considered to be effective enough to develop an indepth research on all factors that may affect or contribute to employee retention. “The University-of-West-London Undergraduate-BA50035E”.

Have I done critical literature review?

Critical review of the topic and its gap, scopes has been done in great detail. The researcher has consulted sources ranging from books to journals and even website contents. The literatures that have been considered for the study have been identified to be quite relevant to the problem and issues in the company. The researcher has developed the literature review based under the subheadings like factors affecting employee retention, employee retention and compensation, recognition and rewards, promotion and growth opportunities, decision making participation and balance between work- life, employee retention and work environment, employee retention and development and training, leadership, job security, job satisfaction, employee turnover and ultimately employee turnover model. “The University-of-West-London Undergraduate-BA50035E”.

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Can I explain the different research paradigms and philosophies?

The research has possibilities for explaining research paradigms and philosophies. As per the explanation, there are variety of research paradigms namely, interpretivism, postpositivist, critical social theory and positivist theory. Each paradigm has its own relevance (Smith, 2012). Since this study mainly focuses on quantitative methodology, the philosophical foundation will be most suitable to the positivist paradigm. The positivist paradigm basically developed from the philosophy that can be identified as logical positivism. The philosophy is actually based on rigid logic rules, measurement, truth, prediction and absolute principles (Pedler, 2012). Since the positivist philosophy actually argues regarding the fact that there is possibly one objective reality, a valid research therefore gets demonstrated by the degree of proof corresponding to the phenomena results of study may stand up to. “The University-of-West-London Undergraduate-BA50035E”.

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What approach do I use (Case study, Descriptive, etc)? Have I considered ethical and legal issues in relation to gathering data for my research?

As per the approach of the study goes it is basically case study specific. As case company TESCO, has been considered. TESCO is a world famous retail organization that ranks among topic three supermarkets in UK (Boyle, 2007). Since the organization is quite huge, it becomes essential for the managers of the organization to establish a well managed employee retention scheme. So, in order to understand what can be the possible factors that impact employee retention process in TESCO, the researcher will be conducting a descriptive research. The research methodology will use survey by targeting the managers and employees of the organization. During the process of primary data collection, it becomes very essential to maintain all possible norms and ethics (Mahoney, 2010). For instance, the researcher will not coerce participants to be part of the survey. Also, the participants will be given brief introduction about the purpose for which the survey is being conducted. Moreover, the researcher will be following all norms associated to Data Protection Act. “The University-of-West-London Undergraduate-BA50035E”.

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How will I justify my data collection methods and sampling (observations, interviews, etc.)?

The methods of data collection and methods of samplings are certainly to be based on the aims and objectives of the study. For instance, the kind of data collection is mixed consisting of both primary and secondary research study. The secondary research study will enable the researcher to develop a strong understanding about the concepts and theories associated to the subject matter (Blessing and Chakrabarti, 2009). On the other hand, it is based on the literature review taken from secondary sources the researcher will be able to effectively fill up the review gaps with the aid of primary research study.

The primary study will be consisting of quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis. For the purpose of quantitative data collection, the researcher will be conducting survey questionnaire whereas for qualitative study, the researcher will be conducting interviews with the managers of TESCO. The sampling process will be simple random probability sampling. As this form of sampling process is simple yet effective as per the requirements of the study. “The University-of-West-London Undergraduate-BA50035E”.

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Do I use quotative or qualitative data (or both)?

This particular study will be having both mixed approach in data collection both quantitative and qualitative data. The quantitative data that will be collected from the employees of the organization will enable the researcher to understand the basic factors that affect employee retention process. On the other hand, the qualitative data will be collected with the aid of interviews with the managers. The managers will be able to provide the interviewer with in-depth information and consequently deeper understanding about the causative factors affecting employee retention in TESCO. “The University-of-West-London Undergraduate-BA50035E”.

Could I explain the difference between independent and dependent variables if asked to do so?

The data collection and analysis process will be involving a range of numerical calculations and comparisons. For this particular purpose the researcher will have to determine independent and dependent variables.
The independent variable is : compensation, recognition and rewards, promotion and growth opportunities, employee decision making participation.

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What are the access issues I should be considering? Am I clear on how I will analyze my data?

The access issues will mainly be developing during the qualitative data collection. Since the managers of TESCO are busy professionals, it might become quite challenging for the managers to provide ample time to the researcher for interviews. Data analysis is another major aspect of methodology. Data will be statistically analyzed with the aid of software like SPSS.

Have I planned the research work (e.g GNATT chart, SPSS, Nvivo) so it will be successful. Have I mitigated the risks?

The researcher has decided to follow a Gantt chart (refer to appendix A)in order to complete the research study within the stipulated time frame. The study is expected to be successful as methodology and the data collection process is set as per the aims and objectives of the study. The risks are well identified and considerable steps have been taken to mitigate them. SPSS will be taken up for the purpose of data analysis. “The University-of-West-London Undergraduate-BA50035E”.

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